Thursday, November 20, 2014

Officially Abigail & Evan Crotzer

Our day in court shared with
G'pa & G'pa S. - Aren't they cute?!

Just imagine what he's saying...
Want to adopt another baby....???

This gal Nancy (our adoption worker) says she has one for us

Dear Friend Susan getting some baby love

Serious court house focus for this big guy

I've always wanted to know what my hair looked like
flipping/tossing/swirling - I had to keep this pic. 

The bailiff earning his keep - the boys were thrilled!

Ice Cream and Champagne to celebrate!
Sorry babies you're stuck with us!!


Sir Isaac and Miss Abigail are TROUBLE!!

And then the sweetest little fella ever!

Happy - Happy

The micro bubbly was in honor of the most amazing
parents a girl could have!

The rest is in honor of the most amazing husband
 a girl could have!
Happy Birthday Mike!!

The babies have finally figured out cake!

Packages, Packages, Packages!!

The best kind to get :)

Town Train

A trip with the Big Boys and Mommy & Daddy

This cracked me up! Doe eyes and a pouty mouth. 

My fruitless attempt at a nice brothers shot


A unique FB California experience.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Soccer Season Closer

Still the cute blond boy in  #3

This was actually a pretty good season. Not once did we have to bribe him to go to a game or a practice or to participate once there. He enjoyed his teammates and most of all the end of the season pizza party.